Hot & Upset Forging Products

Upset forging, also called hot heading, is a process by which the cross-sectional size of a bar is increased, either at an end or at some point along its length. It is done on specially designed upsetting machines, using closed dies to control size and shape. We manufacture upset forged products as per buyers' drawings and samples. We also supply hot forge / cold forged fasteners.

Generally the forging industry doesn't limit them to a fixed product line, but rather make a selection of products on the basis of the infrastructural facilities which one have. No doubt that generally each forging unit specializes in forging some parts due to their experience. We manufacture hot forging / upset forging using various materials [especially for automobile parts and small machine parts]. We supply upset forging [hot forging] or upset forging products as per your specification or samples. We supply forging in forged, semi-forged or finished condition.

Automobile Components

Our flagship products when we entered forging business include auto part range. Hot forging auto parts include Engine valve, Cam shaft, rocker arm, and other small engine parts. We never limit ourselves to parts which we manufacture. We supply customized forged parts as per buyers’ drawings and samples.



Forging Parts

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