We are Metal Gathering Machine specialists with more than 28 years of experience in this field, Vast Experienced staffs are working for the design and manufacturing of quality Metal Gathering Machine. This machine is well developed and standardized products and their robust design gives an edge over competitors. The company's success is based on the close co-operation with our trend-setting customers. As a result, PERFECT achieves a high innovation rate. Our good position in design and production technology provides our customers with first class solutions. 'PERFECT' machines set new standards by innovations, quality and customer's satisfaction.

Resistance Heating and Upsetting Machines are designed for use in hot forging and valve industry. Generally upsetting can be applied to almost any application calling for the gathering of stock material to enable a component to be provided with the minimum of press works. The perfect "grain-flow" obtained together with extremely short heating times the upsetting machine is ideal for a variety of jobs and almost in all cases no external or additional heat is required for the subsequent forging operations.

These machine are employed for the production of a wide range of shapes and sizes such as formation of beads, bulbs, collars, stops and flanges on rods as well as tube stocks as required in the manufacture of parts like valve heads, bolt heads, control rods, bobbins, etc. A typical application of this machine is to produce upset blanks for the subsequent manufacture of engine valves.

The machine illustrated above is a general purpose, Hydraulic type, Resistance Heating Metal Gathering Machine.


By employing Metal gathering many of the well known technical limitations and disadvantages of mechanical upsetting can be overcome

  • Simultaneous heating and forming in one machine.
  • Almost unlimited gather in one operation. The mechanical upsetting limitation of about 3 x dia. no longer applies. The modern engine valve has an upset length of up to 20 x dia. and lengths of upto 40 x dia. are commonly electro-upset.
  • No longitudinal flash is formed such as is unavoidable in a split-die mechanical up settler.
  • No waste of heating energy or material. Outside of the upset volume can be precisely controlled to allow subsequent, "flashless" forging in closed dies.
  • Always ready for instant use, no warm up period.
  • Energy efficient, about 0.35 - 0.40 kwh / kg.
  • Minimal scaling because of simultaneous heating and gathering. Improved die life in subsequent forging operations.
  • No environmental pollution by emission of heat, fume or exhaust gas.
  • Free upsets can be finish forged without re-heating and so save time and energy.
  • Consistant heating temperature through the use of thyristor control.
  • Optimal grainflow and fault free surface. The unheated bar length remains unchanged.


Actuated by fully hydraulic system.


45 KVA - 3 mm to 25 mm
75 KVA - 3 mm to 45 mm


Low, medium and high carbon steels, special alloy, stainless steel.


The work piece is firmly gripped in hydraulically operated sliding contact dies. One end of the rod rests on the upset slide operated from a hydraulic cylinder; the top end of the rod, which is to be upset rests against an anvil whose movement is controlled by an adjustable hydraulic flow control valve. The Transformer output is connected between the clamping dies and the anvil. On application of the ram pressure and high amperage current, the length of the work piece between the clamping dies and anvil heats up and gathers. Simultaneously, the rod is slowly pushed through the clamping dies and the anvil is retracted gradually until the required shape of bulb is formed.


Apart from manual loading and unloading of the work pieces, all machine operations are carried out automatically.


The main frame of this machine is of heavy, rigidly reinforced welded steel plate construction. It combines a compact, streamlined appearance with maximum resistance to mechanical deflection. The frame will support the transformer, gathering cylinder with adjustable ram, hydraulically controlled retracting anvil assembly and contract clamps, all these features being generally as detailed below.


Heating current will be supplied by a continuously rated transformer contained within the main frame of the machine. The transformer is of a special type conforming to I.S.-4804, Part-I, 1968. Water cooled, having core of high grade electrical steel, primary and secondary coils of solid electrolytic copper of ample section, heavy duty class 'F' insulted and impregnated suitably for withstanding continuously a temperature of 140oC.


Current control provided by means of Taps on the primary winding between 25% and 100% in steps.

In the hydraulic version, fully solid state Thyristor Contractor system provided facilitates for stepless regulation of current output continuously over its full range.


Upsetting pressure will be provided from a double acting Hydraulic cylinder, mounted on the machine, and coupled to a slide mounted on which will be provided a replaceable cup locator to locate and support the free end of the stock prior to and during the up-setting sequence.

Screw adjustment will be provided on the coupling between the operating piston and the saddle unit to cover for a wide range of component lengths. Upset pressures will be applied automatically at the correct point in the operating sequence, and will be removed when an adjustable dog operates a limit switch. The length loss can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the limit switch dog.


These clamps are arranged to engage on the diameter of the bar to complete the heating current circuit and will be an hydraulically operated assembly fitted with one set of replaceable clamp inserts. The clamp assembly provides initial support to the incoming bar blank and thereafter retracts to free the heated blank for transfer away from the machine.


The unit comprises of a slide mounted in line with the contact clamps, and supporting a water cooled electrode holder which will be fitted with a replaceable anvil pad. The complete sub-assembly is arranged to retract along the slideway during the upsetting sequence at 3 retraction rate controlled by a closed circuit hydraulic system incorporating a variable orifice flow control valve. On completion of the upsetting sequence the head will be returned to its start position by pressing a reset push button.


The machine will be supplied complete with all the necessary hydraulic control equipment, including, lubricator, gauges, pressure regulator, heat exchanger, pump motor, control valves, etc.


415 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Cycles, Machine is suitable for connection to 2 lines of a 3 phase supply. Main supply cable 2 core type. Disconnect switch with fuses of size recommended to be provided by the customer. For hydraulic power pack 415 V, 3 phase supply should be available.


Cooling water at 2.1 kg/cm2 pressure and temperature below 30oC at recommended flow rate.

Application :

Machines are available for the production of Upsets in a wide range of shapes and sizes, such as formation of Bulbs, collars as required in the manufacture of parts like Valves, Bolts, Push Rod, Tappets, Coller Bolts, Center Pin, Carriage Bolt, Ball pins for high tension power transmission, Socket head bolts, Timer pins, half shaft for motor vehicles, torsion, spring rod, spline shaft ends for half shaft, gear shift lever, high tensile bolts and special fasteners.

Ranges :

Includes machines rated from 45 to 75 KVA 50% duty cycle rated and suitable for stock sizes in the range of 3 mm to 25 mm dia and 3mm to 45 mm, and 50 mm to 600 mm length.

Quality Management :

All machines are 100% tested prior to loading to guarantee full compliance to the published specifications. We assure that quality management system used in design; production and testing meet the highest standards. 'PERFECT's commitment to quality is supported un-matched sales service.

Availability :

The machine on website are normally available ex-stock and can be loaded same day from our factory at Rajkot. On the other hand specialty machines can be made and sent within 8-10 weeks on confirmation of order by the buyer.

Safety :

During past few years it is essential that your products have electric shock-free construction and it must be fire retardant and resistant to impact shock and hard to resist user's mishandling. All these things make the product in sky but also make it luxury that's not acceptable during the trend of cheap, best and durable machines. All our machines execute higher class of safety rules, By making the products using fire retardant wires and insulating material of high dielectric strength, which minimize the risk of shock and fire. All the machines exhibit >10M Ohm insulation test at 2500 Volts which is much grater than the conventional test made by 500 Volts and the IP rating is 21 or better. As we think it's enough to emulate the IDEAL Machine.



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