This is used in all models of cars, trucks and tractors with different sizes. The client gives us the drawings for customized part otherwise it is referred by international standard book with part numbers. Intake and exhaust valves used in internal combustion engine are made from different materials to operate under different conditions. We generally use Alloy steel for intake valves, as these valves are not exposed to the corrosive action of the hot exhaust gases.

Therefore, these valves are capable of longer periods of trouble free operation. CrSi is used for exhaust valves so that the valves can resist corrosion caused by high temperature gases. Nickel based alloy is used for large diesel engine exhaust valves under very high stress.

Focusing briefly upon our production unit, we have a plant equipped with basic machine operation to final operation. We have our own forging plant giving us wide range of Valve manufactured from 4 to 20 mm stem dia and 25 to 250 mm head dia and up to 500 mm length. We have a Research & Development Department, process control and 100% inspection of each and every product we produce.



Forging Parts

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